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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reality check

In April 2011, Adya and I moved into where we are currently living.  It's a quaint 2,000 sq ft house with 3 br, and 2 ba.  It has a massive kitchen, and a huge living room with a fireplace.  The house sits on 3 acres of land.  We thought this was going to be awesome! I looked it over, and even checked the pipes, wiring, and paint work.  There were some minor issues which I notified the land lord of.  He said they'd be fixed before we moved in.

When we went to sign the list we had a checklist of items which were given to him to be fixed, and others which we agreed would be fine.  So far, nothing on the list has been completed, and he claims to have lost the list. Things have been rocky since getting this house.  We had gotten it as a rent to own agreement, but since have realized that this house is a money dump.

The house needs a new roof, the chimney needs fixed, new electrical, new insulation, landscaping, and seriously needs some updating.  Upon moving in and cleaning things, we realized how bad it really was.  The cabinets are 40yrs old, and won't close w/o the childproof locks I took off. The doors need sanded and re-stained.  The chimney is leaning into the house b/c the wood supporting it has rotted from the crappy roof.  The chimney leaks and won't work b/c of this.  The insulation is minimal in the house.  I can hear crickets outside! The yard is overgrown with monster shrubs, honey suckle, and prairie hay which is a pain to cut in the summer.  The walls he painted, need repainted since you can see the last coat of paint.  The bathrooms are tiny, and still in the style of the house (1973). The "master" bathroom is only a 8 x 6.5. The basement needs finished, and insulated.  Also, the ceiling in the basement is only 6'9" so everything is super small.  The two car garage looks awesome from the street, but it's only 7' tall. Given the automatic garage's too small to fit anything larger than a Honda Civic or PT Cruiser.

All this aside we got the property so we could hopefully save some money, and have our three horses in the back yard.  I checked the zoning regulations, and checked with our neighbors to see we could.  Everything seemed fine until month two of living there....

We were harassed almost weekly by animal control. One of our neighbors complained that the horses were too loud, were starved, had no water, were abused, smelled bad, etc.  Animal control sent an officer out almost weekly until late July.  At that point, they seized the horses; claiming that they were starving and dying of dehydration.  They accused us of three counts of animal cruelty.

Prior to them taking the horses, the horses were fed a round bail of hay (free access), 3lbs of grain (each), 1 lb sunflower seeds(each), 1/2 lb beet pulp (each), and weight gainer once the summer months hit. They were also supplied with a salt & mineral block.  We also had a 12 gallon automatic refilling water container for them.  According to animal control this was insufficient. However, the boarding facility where we were keeping them prior only fed them 2 flakes of hay twice a day (each) and a half scoop (3 pints) grain daily.

According to animal control there were three times from April-July that the horses were without water.  Two of the times the hose ruptured, and the yard was flooded.  That was fixed the very next day each time.  The last time I was cleaning the water bucket out since one of them decided to poop in it.  

One of the neighbors informed me in July that someone had been messing with the horses and turning off the water, and he would come over and have to turn it back on.  On one of the days he did that, the person who was screwing with them put something in the water container and was trying to hit the horses.  He called animal control.  The VERY next day they were taken.  I was informed that one of the horses had collapsed from heat exhaustion and starvation.  I was also told that he had been laying down that day or the day before.  They also informed me that a cat and dog vet had inspected the horses, and stated that they would've died in two days.  Mind you, the weather was 120 outside, but it wasn't anything the horses hadn't been in before.  I saw none of this seeing as we had them out the day before feeding them and grooming them. 

I had been speaking to the animal control officer not even a day before about how i was going to be moving two of them to Arkansas with a family member, and the other would be going back to the boarding facility since it was obvious someone didn't want me to have the horses  there. 

The day after the horses were taken, I called animal control and was given a totally different accounting of events.  The officer i spoke to at that time stated that the horses hadn't gone down on the Tuesday, but that Monday.  She also informed me that the Vet was out on Monday after one of the horses supposedly got wrapped around the barbed wire fence.  This was peculiar since Monday night all of the horses were fine, and not a single scratch on them. 

I called a week or so later to try to figure out what the hell was going on.  The horses were also due for their shots and their dewormer. The captain of the shawnee county animal control unit took my call and was screaming at me.  He stated that the officer I had been in contact with the whole time had been recording my conversations with her, but did not record the ones where she had spoken to me about getting them moved, or saying that their set up was fine.  She also stated that she had the same set up for her two horses....
Instead he stated that the horses didn't go down on that Monday or Tuesday, and I never spoke to an officer Monday.  He said that they had to lift the horses into the trailer b/c they were unable to walk they were so dehydrated, starved and exhausted. 

When I arrived home the night they were taken, I had walked into the back yard to check on them and to take them their grain.  That's when i realized they were missing.  Their water bucket had been knocked over, the hose cut, and yet they still had a 2,500 lb bail of hay inside and some grain from that morning.  I went into the house to call the police when I saw the search and seizure warrant.

All this time has passed since July, and last week Adya was arrested on three counts of animal cruelty.  I bailed her out of jail ($250).  A day later a warrant was posted for me for the same charges, and same bail.  I bailed myself out before I went to jail that day.  They were pressing the same charges on us, but separately.  Usually, when there are animal cases both parties get the same charges and same case.  For some reason they divided it up for us.... That seems a bit off.

We have court in November to hopefully get an extension for a lawyer.  I have no clue how we are going to afford that since the house we're living in is seriously about 70% of our income.  Adya just had to have it, and wouldn't listen to reason.  Not only that, but the Land Lord added extra fee's at the time we signed for it.  We're pretty much screwed.

It doesn't matter that we rescued two of the three horses, or that we work with horse rescue in the state.  We also work with dog rescues across the US!  The rescues that we've helped have offered to speak as character witnesses for us.  I'm grateful for that seeing as they put themselves, and their reputations on the line.

It won't matter for anything since we more than likely won't be able to afford a lawyer.  It's a double retainer fee since it's technically two separate cases.  Toss in $1,580 in rent, $780 bills, gas, and food for the month that leaves us only 225 for a lawyer.  Thankfully, not having the horses there saves us $200 per month.

Moving to this house has been hell, and it's only getting worse.  Now it's time for maintance on the car, and I could very well be loosing my job.  The company I work for can't pay the rent on the offices, and has had issues being able to pay payroll!

I'm completely at a loss for what to do, or how we are going to get out of this situation.  The house was a bad idea, and we were talking about trying to get a pro bono lawyer to get us out of the three year lease on it since we can't afford it, and he's not done any maintenance on the house. Now this happens...

I really don't get it.  I go out of my way to help others.  I do the right thing.  I don't steal, cheat, kill, back stab, or do anything malicious to anyone.  I do things without a thought of what I'll get out of it.  Yet, look what happens.  Things ALWAYS go from good to bad, to worse, to pitch black.  Eventually, they get slightly better, and get a little better than that, only to go through the same cycle. 

I can't ever catch a break.  A few years ago, I put $20,000 towards a business with a friend of mine.  He screwed me over, and ended up getting me evicted and fired since he knew the L.L. and claimed I robbed our store. (it was actually robbed, but no clue who did it) I ended up having to move across the country with a friend b/c I had no place to stay due to his backstabbing, and I could afford no lawyer given the situation and he moved to Canada. 

When I finally started to catch a break, and get things on track I let Adya move in with me.  Things went downhill fast.  She didn't have a job and I ended up having to pay for her horse in NY.  She ended up moving that horse out here, and I still had to pay for it since she didn't have the money to do so. While living in the apartment where I wasn't suppose to have cats she ended up bringing home 4 cats (1 ran away, 1 kitten fell off the balcony when she forgot to close it), and 4 dogs.  One of the dogs was picked up for a rescue, but things fell through.  It took almost a year to place her.  The def great dane ended up dieing from EPI, and we still have the other two.  During this time she picked up a horse for me, and another horse for herself.  Mind you she would only see her horse when I nagged her to go work with him.  Having 1 horse is at a CHEAP boarding facility is about $8,000 /year expense.  Not only that, but the second one she got herself was starved almost to death, and was $5,000 the first two months.

She ended up getting us evicted from the apartment for having all the animals in it.  680sq ft apartment with 2 cats, and four dogs..... No beuno.  We were looking for houses, and had decided on something less than $900/month.  We found a lot of super nice houses that were brand new that we could've bought for around 600-875/month, but they didn't have a yard for the horses.  She had to have the one with a HUGE yard that was out of our budget.  We waited weeks, and looked around.  All the while she was throwing a fit b/c we weren't going to get the one we are in now.  She had to have it no matter what!

At this point I wouldn't be able to get an apartment on my own, and I was stuck with the dogs.  Animals are a responsibility not an accessory to be tossed.  I couldn't get a house on my own since she screwed my credit, and I was paying for her car.  It was my money going to bills while her's went for the animals.  She'd spend $1500 on a cat or dog she'd pick up, and tell me about it after it left so I'd have to cover the bills.  All the while, I"m paying for the car in her name so we can get back and forth.  I never had a dime to put back for anything, and still don't b/c of the house and the current situation.

I could've left before the animal charges came back and the other crap she pulled, but I couldn't leave the dogs.  Adya doesn't take care of animals after the first or second week.  They become a chore and something she doesn't want to do after that point.  When I re-homed one of the dogs she threw a fit and called the police.  Apparently, in Kansas pets are considered personal property, and that was the same as theft...

If i leave they would die.  I found that out when I left for a week on business.  I went to a conference for work, and she hadn't fed or watered the dogs or cats for that whole time.  She also didn't take them out of their crates!!!!

I had the chance to get out and go to Kansas City with my sister.  It wasn't an ideal situation, but it would've been another start away from the insanity.  It's honestly more than I can deal with.  Even as I'm writing this I feel cold and hollow.  I can't believe how the events have turned out, and I have no clue what will come of this. 

Even if the charges get dropped, I'll have to pay $10/day per horse to get them back only to give them away.  If we loose I go to jail 30 days for each charge...that's 90 days! I'd loose my job, loose the house, loose my possessions, and STILL have to pay the $10/day for the horses, any vet care they provided, and a fine of $500-$5,000.

I can't win for anything...    If anyone does read this I apologize for the incoherent structure of this post, and the way it jumps around.  However, if someone really does read this. I'd really like some form of input...


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where has the time gone!

These past few weeks seem to run together. My graps of time is slipping it seems.  The days and weeks seem to run together.  There clearly isn't enough time in a week to get everything done...that, or I just have too much to do. 

I ended up telling Seth off a few days after my last post.  He still doesn't have a job, and he still doesn't do anything around the house despite everything. He had an interview at "Taco Bell" for a night shift manager position.  He claims they will hire him and train him for that position.  According to Seth, his first interview was just to see if he could show up on time.  The next one was a week later, to meet another of the 3 managers.  The most recent interview was to meet the other assistant manager and the district manager.  he learned that he would not be getting the $9.25/hour he said he wouldn't work less for.  Instead, he'll be making $7.50/hour (minimum wage is $7.25), and he thinks they hired him on as a manager in training.  We'll all find out on Oct. 5th whether he has a job or not.  If he doesn't I'm going to give him 14 days notice to get out. 

I know that sounds absolutely horrible of me to talk about all of this.  Yes it is.  I could be a better friend, and I probably could deal with more of his laziness and more of him being a slob.  I'm actually nice to Jamie and Seth...Adya is the one who yells at them constantly. Seth had a job at a local gift store called "Things Remembered", but Jamie applied for the assistant manager position.  She told the store manager that Seth was her bf.  She knew that'd keep him from getting the job.  Jamie was rather spiteful of Seth possibly having a manager position and an eight hour a week second job. 

Jamie was denied employement from "Lane Bryant" a clothing store for women that are 50-120lbs overweight. They wanted her for the ASM job, but the second time she interviewd she hadn't bathed in 3 days.  The manager had her come back in the next day to turn in her paperwork.  Jamie didn't bother to clean up then either, so they decided to not give her the job.  I know you're thinking that someone can't smell that bad.  Imagine someone who doesn't scrub their body.  They use liquid soap without a poof, lufa, or washcloth.  She sweats quite a bit at her job, but she can't smell herself!  I won't give her rides to and from town unless she has bathed recently. It's noxious to sit in the car with her considering she talks non stop too.

I do understand some people have an odor problem, and can't help it.  That i'm ok with.  However, I've smelled her after she has bathed and scrubbed properly.  I've also smelled her breath after she brushes and flosses.  She smells normal, so there is no reason she should stink.  I had to teach Seth and Jamie to wash their hands after using the water closet, and upon waking up.  The sad part is that both of them have worked food service.  Jamie has even had a reputable position at Hills pet nutrition!

Jamie and Seth ended up going back out again.  I think it's more an issue of they just settled for less.  She still complains non-stop about him (vice-versa). Thankfully, Seth has taken a hint and started to get his act together.

Last week I ended up taking Adya to Buffalo Wild Wings since she finally cleaned up her mess in the bedroom.  After that, I realized I was hungry and wanted hot wings too! I ended up buying 5lbs of wings, and 5lbs of breasts and proceeded to BBq 10lbs of chicken lol.  I also made a ham, and some fish with some jamaican jerk seasoning. On Friday, I made pizza for everyone. Seth and Jamie ended up wasting about $100 of their food stamps last month.  Seth left 5lbs of pork "chops" in the fridge til they went bad, wasted $15 of ahai tuna, 5lbs of lean ground chuck, and I don't remember how many lbs of steak.  He burned the steaks and the tuna on the grill. That's what happens when you put something on the grill and go play Ps3 for three hours without checking on the food.

I went to the "Bark Park" on Friday before I went in to cover for Gloria, and I made the mistake of taking treats into the big dog side.  I had forgotten that they were in my pocket!  Within seconds I had a beagle, my basset hound Freya, 2 rhodesian ridgeback's, a lab, and a boxer all trying to get into my pocket to get the treats! I had to go put them in the car. (lol) The dogs got to play for about 40 minutes before I got a call that my co-worker needed me to come in and work for her.  During that timespan I was asked at least half a dozen times if Sokah was a wolf, or what % he was.  The county I live in has an ordianace against "Wolf-hyrbids" or wolves.  So, if I said anything other than a husky mix he'd be taken and put down.  Not only that, but the word "wolf" comes up and people get VERY judgemental and skiddish.  The last thing I want is for that to happen, and some dog bites him, and he bites them back.  It'd just be an incident waiting to happen.

We canceled the U-verse and signed up for Cox cable.  I'm not exactly thrilled about that, but it is almost $60 cheaper, and gives us faster internet (12mbs with powerboost). The basic channel quality is garbage, and they managed to screw up our work order.  They signed us up for 5 digital boxes, but we only signed up for 2 HD boxes.  We had to ask for the HD boxes, and the tech only had  one.  They also ended up giving us the wrong channel packages, and not signing us up for the promotion we had asked for.  I'll have to call and deal with that on Monday.

Somehow, Adya managed to get a virus on my work computer!!!! She was looking at Imgur, and a banned loaded... That's all it took to get the "Open Cloud Security Center" virus.  I had it removed and the computer working 100% normal after a few hours.  I came in today, and the power had gone out before I could save the changes to my profile. I tried to fix it today, but my profile is now corrupt and I can't even get on it to fix the issues.  I just hope it doesn't transfer to anything on the remote server.  I log in remotely to a server which just happens to have all of our patient files.  I can't believe the virus software we have didn't stop it.  It was up to date too!

On top of that, I had to replace the HDD to my laptop! Seth decided on Thursday last week, that instead of setting the tool box down, he'd toss it... He tossed it where my laptop was.  We were listening to music when he hit the base of it, and it broke the HDD.  I ended up loosing ALL of the pictures of the horses I had, all of the pictures of the dogs, pictures of my neice, the pictures a special someone sent me, my music, movies, 20gig of books, saved game files, portfolio's, and even my CGI portfolio for digital animation.  I realize I should've had it backed up.  The issue is, I did have it all backed up! I had it spread out on a few extra HDD's I had laying around.  I was working on moving everything onto a single one with a backup.  So it's all lost. 

Well, I finally got back in touch with "Angel" (pseudonym) again.  Angel was a girl I met online after a (then) friend Steve broke up with her.  He had been playing with her acting like his friend Rick.  He had me interviene to explain that he was Steve, and not Rick. He basically tossed me in the middle of it trying to mop up his mess.  That was back in 2004 or 2005. Since then Angel and I have been friends and were pretty close.  We ended up dating for quite a while. To my dismay I went away for a bit, only to find that she screwed around with something like 5-6 guys while we were dating.  She tried covering it up, but she didn't realize that all of her friends she had introduced me to were my friends now too.  They were telling me what she was doing when I got back.  I gently confronted her, and she denied it for almost 2 months.  During that time, I ended up talking to her current bf while she was dating me.  He told me what was going on.  At that point, I wasn't even mad. It was an experiment to see how long it'd take for her to feel guilty and tell me.  I confronted her with that, and he did too.  She chose him, only to have things blow up in a week or two afterwards. She tried to fix things with me, but honestly I still to this day don't trust her. During her trying to fix things with me, she ended up falling for her boss at work.

 Mind you, she was 16 at the time and he was 30(?).   With common sense you can tell where that ended up.... As it turns out, he was just in it for the sex.  (big surprise?) He was going through a divorce with his wife when all this was happening, and Angel was the mistress.  Too bad Angel didn't realize he was using her though.  He was abusive to her, had her buy him things, and pay for his stuff (mind you he was making way more than she was, and yet he was still playing Yugi-oh!).  She stuck with him for about two years! Only to see that those of us who told her he just wanted to use her were right.  I'm just giving the bare bones here.

So, after this all ends she magically reappears and starts chatting me up again.  At that point I"m wondering why the hell she thinks I'm going to be her go to guy again once she screwed me over.  While we were dating she talked about how she wanted to marry me, how she'd never cheat, how she loved me, how she thought I was her soul mate.  In hind sight it's enough to make me choke seeing what happened, and the fact I bought her a 18k white gold & 2c Tanzanite engagement ring.   Also, while with the thirty something guy, she was still trying to patch things up with me, and sent me some rather naughty pictures.  No I never posted them online, but I sure thought about it after what happened.

Anyway, things have been off and on as friends.  She claims to want more, but doesn't want to commit to anything.  I don't blame her either.  She still has baggage from her previous relationships she hasn't worked out, but then again, she had baggage when we started dating the first time.  She seems to have a hard time making peace with things.  I do feel bad for her though, considering everything she's been through.  She's kind to others, goes out of her way to do everything for everyone.  She's the type of person to give you the shirt off her back, and her shoes if it'll help.  She doesn't think of anything in return, but she goes too far.  She ends up paying her friend's bills when they are irresponsible, puts herself in a bind for them, and goes out of her way to do things for them.  They don't ever do anything for her.  Granted, she'd never ask due to being too proud, and stubborn.  She's even had to sleep in her car for lack of gas to get home, or had to sleep on her friend's porch. All b/c she gave them what she didn't have to help them, and they couldn't even be bothered to let her come inside or give up a bed for her!

She's got some maturing to do and to sort through her hells, but we all do.  It almost seems like she's being saintly to atone for something she thinks she's done in the past, or she has done something to deserve what's happened.  Life deals us wild cards at times, and other times it's the results of our decisions.

I do admit though, it feel slike she only talks to me b/c i'm still here.  Well, that and she usually only talks to me weeks-days before she wants something.  Recently she popped up out of nowhere a month ago, and was being all sweet and sent me some things.  That was right before she sent me a pair of shoes for a guy friend of hers, that I needed to spend about $35 to ship to her. They dont' deliver to her country, and they don't have those shoes in that size.  I would've done it regardless, but I have finally learned when & where to draw the line.  Earlier this year she wanted me to send her a ruby ring. She wanted a ring from me. I have not done that, nor do I plan on doing that seeing how things are going so far. Yes, I do still have immense affection for her, and when she ever matures and wants me back I'd highly consider it. 

Well, I'm out of time so I leave you with a delicious Jamaican Jerk recipe that is just a few calories, and just as good as the ones with brown sugar...if not better

Jamaican Jerk:

-½   Tbsp of: onion powder, garlic powder, allspice, coriander.
-1    Tbsp thyme
-1    tsp of: nutmeg, cinnamon, chili powder, cayenne pepper
-3    Tbsp fresh lime juice
-1    Tbsp olive oil
- 1.5Tbsp ground Ginger
- Fresh ground pepercorn to taste

  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly 
  2. Rub onto meat and marinate in a sealed bag in the fridge for a few hours or overnight 
  3. Bring meat out of the fridge for 30  minutes before grilling 
  4. Grill on high heat for 2-3 min per side (depending on thickness)
  5. Remove from grill – Tent the meat under foil and let it rest for 5 minutes 
  6. Slice into thin pieces (slice against the grain of the meat) and serve.

3 scallions, chopped
4 large garlic cloves
1 small onion, chopped
3 fresh habanero chiles, stemmed and seeded
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 Tbsp tamari
3 Tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp thyme leaves
2 tsp ground allspice
2 tsp fresh ground black pepper
3/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger

Blend until smooth in food processor or blender.

Pour into ziplock bag, add meat, push out air, seal, and let sit for 8-24 hours, turning 2-3 times.

Remove from fridge, let sit for 30 min.

Grill til done, or can be baked for women trying to decrease risk of breast cancer

Goes great with fried plantains, coconut shrimp, salad, or w/e else you can think of! My roommates give it two thumbs up.  Also works great on shishkabobs!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Long time; no post.

I hadn't realized til this morning how long it's been since I last posted. Things have been so chaotic and crazy lately.   I really need to get back in the swing of things.

I ended up posting last time at work.  I should've waited til i got home.  Adya ended up freaking out, and screaming at Seth.  We came home, and found that Seth had made a mess.  He hadn't done anything all day, let alone fill out any job apps.  I said something to him about it, and he just shrugged.  I'm doing everything I can not to yell at him like his mother did.  The kid has serious mommy issues...

Adya seriously just goes off! She starts by screaming at me.  I told her I'd go bring Sokah inside in the morning, and let him enjoy the lovely evening.  She wanted it done that second.  I told her off, which only fueled her anger. Seth started talking about Ragnarok Online like he always does; since that's his whole existence. He started talking about how his character of five years finally hit lv 99 and "transended". 

Now, normally Adya and I just hear him out and give him the attention he's seeking.  I cut him off and asked if he heard back from any of the jobs he had applied at.  He stated that he had been turned down for at least four due to his shoddy job history.  That's all it took for Adya to loose it.  She started yelling at him! I'll do my best to go through what she said, but I will not quote it due to the fact I know it's not 100% accurate.
     I don't want to hear about your f'ing game!!!! When is the last time you filled out a job application?! Oh, that's right you haven't unless we twist your arm to do so! If you ever applied yourself you would've had a job by now! It's been how many months...Oh that's right! It's been 4 months since you've been fired, and YOU have only filled out for 4-5 jobs!  Jamie and (me)Kai have done twenty a piece for you! Why can't you be bothered to do it "Mr. King of Kings".  (Yes, Seth thinks he is a reincarnated god, and his destiny is to be the king of humanity.  That he's destined to save all of us.  It's his way of feeling better about himself i'm guessing but he's a nutter imo) If you're a king we're all f'd. You'll never amount to anything, and frankly I'm sick of you being here.  Get out!!!! I don't care if you don't have a place to go.  You should have thought of that before you decided to sit on your lazy ass and not do a damn thing!  Hell, you even got fired from f'ing Wal Mart! (FYI Adya worked there.  Her way of quitting there was not to show for 2 months.  They kept putting her on the schedule.  She was one of two people in her department, and it was getting backed up w/o her being there.  They only took her off the schedule after she had told them she quit 2 months ago.) It's almost impossible to get fired from Wal Mart, but guess what, you managed to! You can't keep a job for longer than 3-4 months! You've been fired from every job you've ever worked! Why not get off your sorry ass, and do something for a change!  Clearly, what your doing doesn't work.  Try something else, but do it on someone else's dime! I'm tired of paying for you to sit on your ass, and play games while I work a job I hate. 

Seth, looked to me for support as his friend, but I didn't give any.  Everything that she said was accurate.  I told both of them that she was too harsh on him, but it wasn't unfounded or false.  He admitted that what she said was true.  Seth had a breakdown afterwards.  It wasn't about how he had failed at everything b/c he yells at customers, or how he was lazy.  He was crying over the fact he didn't know where he would go.  He couldn't move back in with his mom, and I'm seriously his only friend.  He has burnt every bridge he ever had, by doing the same thing he was doing now.  I apparently just have more patience that people he has previously encountered.  However, I'm way past the point of patience.

After his breakdown he filled out six job apps online.  His usual is three to four.  Early the next morning after Adya had taken the car into work, he had gotten a call for Rent A Center.  They wanted him in for a job interview. It was one of the applications he had filled out just hours before.  They set up the interview for Thursday.  Nothing else happened the rest of the day.  I mowed part of the yard, and somehow managed to find poison sumac growing up one of the trees.  I cut it down and ripped it out.  Luckily, I washed my hands with Dawn dish soap promptly afterwards, and I had no adverse reaction to the sumac.

Thursday morning Adya and I took Seth to his interview, and got him there early.  He had decided twenty minutes before we were leaving to shower. If I hadn't been badgering him to hurry, he would've been late.  He arrived ten minutes early, and we left to go check out one of the Halloween stores for decorations.  They didn't have anything that didn't look "cheesy" so we ended up not getting anything.  When the interview was over with Seth said they would call him next week, and that RAC was doing interviews til Saturday. We stopped by a few places so that Seth could get physical applications to fill out since the RAC job sounded unsure.

When we got home, we took care of the dogs, and I ran Adya into town for work.  I ran a few errands and came back home.  I started cleaning the house since it was raining out.  I couldn't exactly finish the mowing in the rain.  While I was cleaning Seth played MMO's.  He honestly played til about 5am the next day. 

Friday, was the final straw.  I had gotten up, and found that Seth hadn't completed any of the applications.  He was suppose to get up at 10:00am to turn them in, but slept in til 2pm. I had enough.  I made out a rental agreement for bills, and responsibilities.  I used a notarized legal rental agreement from a local apartment complex, and added in a few things.  The most notable was the deadline for Seth to have a job.  I stated that he had to have a job by October 28th or he was to be evicted.  I also outlined their responsibilities, pet deposit, the rent amount, and when it is due. Both of them signed the rental agreement with no quips.  I put the part about the pet deposit; b/c when we took in Jamie's dog Angelo she stated that she would have the pet deposit when she got paid. 

Well, we took Jamie into town to go to the bank, and to get Seth's drivers license renewed. Seth's license was void after his 21st birth day back in June.  Once Jamie got back in the car at the bank, I asked her for the refundable pet deposit.  Her reply was, "I don't have enough to pay you, shaun, gas money, my psych, my appointment, or anything else." I reminded her that she swore and promised she would have the pet deposit, no matter what.  She stated she wanted to keep Angelo, but clearly couldn't afford him. 

I asked her at that point if she honestly wanted to keep him.  "It's not like you take care of him. All last week I was the one who fed him, brushed him, and worked on retraining him.  You haven't even bothered to so much as go outside to see if he is even still there.  If you cared, or wanted him than you would have at least done that much.  Hell, he is still covered in pee from when he was trying to mark his territory.  (Angelo is a <75lb corgi.  He's at least(!) 20lbs overweight. There's so much extra fat, when he goes "potty" he ends up with it on his thighs or his butt.  Yes, he has a bubble butt.) That was a week ago Jamie!" Her reply was that she had been stressed and figured we were doing it so she didn't have to, "I just don't have the time." >_> Seriously?! "Then you don't need a dog!" I reminded her that she also agreed to purchase the supplies for a fence for him and Freya (basset hound). He can't continue to stay in the one we have with 3 other dogs; it's just too small.
We ended up deciding that she can pay half of it upfront and pay the other half when she get's paid next.  We also enacted a "3 strike rule" if she does not take care of her dog 3 times in a month, he finds a home with the corgi rescue.  They have already set up a spot for him in advance.

Seth ended up getting his license renewed, and filling out a few job applications that night only after much to do about him doing them. 

Saturday wasn't a bad day at work.  I was busy with a lot of people coming in to the office. Adya had another fit dealing with Seth though.  He sat on the computer reading "Berserk!" manga, from start to 98/300. He also told her that when I came home I'd be making beer bratwurst and Italian sausages. Seth tends to volunteer me for things, and they usually get thrown back in his face.  This time it was Adya.  She yelled at him in the kitchen while on the phone with me.  She called to inform me I was cooking for Seth  that night.  Seth ended up cooking them on the George Foreman grill, and ruining it.  He decided he'd clean it with a steel wool pad.  Now that it's scratched all to hell, I have to replace it.  Which means he will be paying me back for it. 
After work I went to the store, and picked up some brats, sausage, and coal for the grill.  I still ended up cooking.  The ones Seth made were still raw in the middle.  I didn't make beer brats due to the fact they have to marinate for hours, and we were out of beer.  I'm not a beer drinker so it's silly to buy a case or a few and leave them in the fridge for months.  They still turned out well according to Jamie and Adya.

Yesterday I ended up driving to Burlingame, Kansas to pick up a blind cat for a rescue.  She is due to have kittens any day.  Yes i'll post pictures! The cat seems to have been blind since she was born.  It has full color in it's eyes, and gets around just fine.  We dubbed her "Echo".  She chirps and meows as a form of echolocation.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ac Fixed!!

Well, after the fiasco with the AC I sent the tech a text the next day to see if he had heard anything.  He stated he hadn't spoken to the LL.  So,  I shot the LL a text with a picture of the thermostat on 90(!).  He sent a text back stating he thought it was fixed, and he hadn't heard from the technician.  Bull **** I saw him call the tech and they were talking about how the unit had to be replaced b/c it could blow with proper amount of coolant in the system. 

The new tech came out at 6:45am the next day, and put more coolant in the system.  He stated that the LL was looking for a new unit to replace the old one.  The house finally dropped to a reasonable 74°f (23°c).  I have to say, that's been the first time since April that the house has been that cool during the day! It was definitely a nice change of pace.  Although, it felt almost too cold given what the temperature had been previously.

Seth finally told Jamie that he only cared for her as a friend, and she reminded him of his ex.  His ex was rather the big lass ( 268lbs or 121kg).  Yeah, Jamie is big too, but only 115kg...still a hefty lass.  I have to say given what was said; Seth has no tact at all.  She was in the room trying to talk him back into getting back with her.  She stated that her psych told her she needs to move out & move on, or deal with Seth and try to get him back if she thinks that's possible.  She took the advice as "Seth wants you back so work harder."

Friday was rather uneventful, until the evening.  When I arrived home I had asked Seth if he had filled out any applications.  He hadn't done a single one.  He also left the trash sitting in the kitchen.  He had apparently been keeping his dirty plates, and food containers in his room til that afternoon.  He put a total of two full trash bags in the kitchen, and filled up the first one.  He just left them there! All he had to do was walk out the front door, go down nine stairs, walk 20ft, and put them in the garbage.  He couldn't be bothered.

That was just the start of everything.  Seth had also left me a few other surprises.  He ate all of  the Oreo cookies that we had bought the night before.  He left the sink and the dishwasher full of dirty dishes. Maybe it's just me nagging, but that's a bit rude when you're home all day and you aren't doing anything.

Needless to say, I snapped.  I yelled at Seth for not doing anything, and told him he needs to get a job by the end of October.  If he doesn't have one by then I told him, he is going to have to find a new place to live. I lived with Seth and Jamie for a month when things with Adya went crazy.  I had to pay them rent twice; once due to the fact rent was due, and a second time because they wasted the rent and needed the rent paid. I had to give them extra cash to cover their bills too!  I know you're asking yourself why the heck i let them move in with me.  Well, they gave me a place to stay and they were getting evicted so i felt obligated to do so.

     Saturday rolls around, and I wake up early to go to work.  I like going to work when I'm stressed from home issues it helps me relax.  I have a pretty low stress job. (i.m.o.) The only problem with that is Jamie comes with me to work since she's just across the street.  She will hang out at the front desk with me until i ask her to wait in the waiting room, or one of the office cubicles. She looks completely unprofessional at most times.  She seriously wears this to work: black slacks, black shoes, black polo, two studded bracelets, two costume jewelry rings, a studded leather choker, one kingdom hearts "heartless" pendant, black or purple eye shadow super dark, electric blue nail polish, and dark red lip stick.  She also wears her hair down so that it hangs past her bum.  Since she doesn't bathe regularly it knots, tangles, and looks greasy. On top of that she smells from not bathing, or from washing her bra of 2 years!

Now, I have to state these are issues that are usually only seen in the deep south, or severe poverty ridden areas.  However, that is her personal preference!  I made up a list of house rules when I got home.  Here's what i had written.

House Rules

·         Pick up after yourself!  This includes trash, dishes, and clothing.
·         If you have clothes in the washer or dryer, please move them promptly.  Do not let them sit for hours or even days.
·         If you notice the trash is full…For God(s) sakes take it out and replace the bag!!! NO EXCUSES
·         If the dish washer is full run it, and place a magnet to show the dishes are clean. 
·         If you go to put dishes in the dishwasher with clean dishes, put them up.  There is no excuse for this aside from sloth and laziness.
·         Bathrooms are to be cleaned weekly! This includes moping the floor, cleaning out the tub & walls, cleaning the toilet, and countertops. 
·         The kitchen is to be cleaned upon using it.  Clean as you go, and you have less of a mess to clean when you are done. 
·         Dusting is to be done weekly after vacuuming.
·         The floors will be vacuumed weekly.  If you have too much “shit” on your floor that would impede this…clean your room.  (Having it dirty only shows a sign of laziness, lack of motivation, and a lack of self-respect / confidence.
·         If you don’t want the cats in it, keep it closed.  Cats are curious by nature, and the only way to stop that is to not have a cat. 

Further Items for Consideration

·        If you need a ride into town for something…don’t just assume that it’s going to happen.  Ask! It’s proper, and it’s considerate. 
·        Ur momma gave ya manners! Use em!
·        If you ask to have some of another person’s food, for god sakes don’t eat the majority of it or even half…Have “some”.
·        If you split something with someone, that means an even share.
·        Being a responsible adult means paying your bills and debt FIRST.  If you have money left over, then that’s yours to spend as you see fit.
·        Be considerate and hygienic.  That includes bathing daily (scrubbing with something, using soap, shampoo and conditioner (or just condition every other day), and brushing your teeth.  No one wants to smell your nastiness. 
Yes i seriously had to post that on the refrigerator.  I felt horrible doing so, but It was getting to the point I was running out of ideas on how to get my point across.  Seth got upset about parts of it.  He couldn't understand why he had to brush his teeth daily, and admitted to a hygiene problem.  Luckily, he's been working on that since moving in. 

Sunday was an adventure! Jamie's ex told her she had to come get her dog in seven days or he was going to re-home it.  She took this as, "You have seven days to get your dog or i'm going to euthanize it!" We picked the dog up after work, and she refused to let us go upstairs to talk to her ex.  I had offered due to the fact she was saying that he was afraid he was going to hit her.  
After a few minutes I sent Jamie a text to remind her about the $300 pet deposit that's required on all pets.  Her phone went off in the car.  I thought maybe it was Adya's (they have the same phone) until I noticed that it was from her ex saying ty for picking up the dog, and my  text.  Adya picked it up and wrote down the ex's number so she could sort out some of Jamie's "bs".  
Jamie's dog is a corgi named Angelo, who is 80lbs. He's suppose to weigh 50-65lbs.  He hadn't been brushed in at least 3 months, and he had no car manners. During the twenty minute drive home he barked and howled the whole way.  Every time he'd bark Jamie would pick him up, cuddle him, and tell him it would be ok.  This only enforces bad behavior in dogs.  

We get back to the house and she lets him out of the car while i use 2 lint rollers to pick up the dog hair in the car.  Angelo runs around and plays with the other dogs.  Jamie states Angelo is going to be inside with her in the basement.  I asked her if he was potty trained and when he was fixed.  She states he's fixed and potty trained, and never marks his territory.  However, they didn't get him fixed til he was almost two years old.  Small dogs should be fixed around 6-8 months.  If you fix them at that age range, they don't learn to spray, and almost never learn it.  Guess what the first thing Angelo does as he's walking around. That's right! He starts marking everything.  The house, the trees, the dog house, etc.  

The marking is something I'll get stuck working on this week.  She stated she has no idea how to train him, and took him to obedience school when he was a puppy.  After much convincing, Jamie decided to let Angelo stay outside with the other dogs.  She is still adamant he's an inside dog despite her ex getting rid of him for going in the house.  

Monday, wasn't bad aside from Seth's attempt to make chicken parmigiana.  He decided to cut the chicken into 1/2 in strips.  He stated he was trying to cut out the cartilage.  In all my years of culinary experience I have never heard of such a thing in a breast muscle. He couldn't find any, but decided to make beer battered chicken.  He followed a recipe online that had poor reviews, but he thought it would turn out well.  He also decided not to season the flour so the chicken turned out bland and doughy.  Adya made cheddar & beer bratwurst with baked potato's.  

This was an ordeal in itself.  It should sound pretty straightforward and easy.  The issue is that Seth tried to play with the charcoal grill.  While it was lit, he closed the damper and vent; thus extinguishing the coals.  He decided to use a whole bottle of lighter fluid on the coals to light it up.  Thank God(!) it didn't light or the house would've caught ablaze since the grill is under the awning to the porch.  I got home and lit the grill.  To my amazement, there was still enough of the fluid an hour later to make a fireball the size of a beach ball.  At that point we finished cooking the bratwurst and potato's. 

Not too much has gone on yet today.  Jamie still hasn't fed or even checked on Angelo.  She put him outside on Sunday, and hasn't checked on him since.  Lucky for her I"m taking care of him.  I told her Sunday night if she wasn't going to take care of him he'd be finding a new home with a corgi rescue.  I'm hoping that she takes care of him tonight and tomorrow so she can keep her dog.  
I did send Seth a list of 12 places in town that are hiring today.  He said he'd check them out, but I get the feeling I'm going to have to fill them out for him.  I'm getting to the point where I'm going to fill them out and put my number and email as the contact.  I figure if I do that I'll know if he's getting job offers and getting denied like he states, or if he's just turning them down b/c he doesn't want to work there.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Firstly, I apologize for posting this a bit late.  Yesterday was a mess! It's times like this I ask myself why I can't have normal days off like everyone else.  Something has to be normal for once....right?

Yesterday started off like any other day, no big deal.  There was nothing crazy going on with the dogs, I watered the flowers, and even tossed out some pecan's for the squirrel.  I called the land lord (guy who I'm leasing my house from) to come fix the air conditioner.  It's been about 84°f (28°c) inside lately, and it's getting annoying.  He said he'd send someone around 4pm to fix it.

Jamie woke up late as per her usual.  She was almost late for her psych. appointment.  She needed a few errands ran.  Adya went with me to drop her off at the appt. so we could go to the craft store while we waited on her.  We found the coolest Halloween ice cube trays! Skull & Bones ice cubes! It actually works pretty well. 

We picked up Jamie from the psych, and took her down town to the SRS office so she could get her food stamps.  I had to run home and meet the AC repair technician.  He checked the house out, and we found out some things about the land lord that aren't so savory.  I'll just say he does everything as cost effectively as he can; ie not fixing the roof til water is running down the walls, not repairing the broken chimney, replacing the AC units etc. 

Anyway, the AC tech stated that the unit is over 30 years old and has a refrigerant leak.  Not only that, but the HVAC unit was installed improperly.  He stated he'd be surprised if the AC has even worked at all this year,"From what I can guess looking at your system; you've been pulling cool air from the basement.  Yeah, the AC unit has been running, but it has almost no refrigerant...You're just wasting power."

The tech called the LL to see what he wanted to do, which was to just put more refrigerant in the unit, and see if that fixes it.  The tech told him he thought that would blow the unit, but it was his choice.  Hopefully, that fixes the issue, and the unit doesn't blow.  If that's the case it could be a week before we get a new unit.  The tech also stated that the unit was too small for the house.  The house needs at least a 3 ton unit, but a 4 would be better.  The old unit is a 2 ton.  Knowing at least a little bit about housing construction, and talking with him. It's a miracle the current unit has lasted 30 years! 

He left and told us that we needed to leave the air off until he came back to fix it, or else it could blow the unit.  He was surprised it hadn't yet.  I left the unit off til about 11pm last night when it reached an apex of  97°f ( 36°c) in the house! Yes, we had all the windows open and the fans going.  It was cooler outside than inside the house, but we couldn't get the air really going even with the centeral air fan going.  I gave up at 11pm and turned the AC on.  That was crazy!

I'll have to turn it off at 3pm today to keep it from freezing up again.  I'm not looking forward to today.  The weather forcast calls for a max temp of 103°f (39°c).  Hopefully, the day will prove to be cooler.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Aside from this morning, today has been fairly uneventful.  This morning Adya woke up in a rather bad mood and was complaining about Seth and Jamie.  Mostly about how Seth has been far too busy playing games to even unpack and look for a job.  After I made everyone dinner last night I asked Seth if he had applied for any jobs.  Seth told me if I should care less whether he is working or not.

Adya went to bed early so she wouldn't have to deal with it.  Let's just say that she isn't a morning person, and anything bothering her from the day before gets unleashed in a maelstrom of rage in the morning.  She was screaming about how Jamie recently spent >$120 on video games, but yet hasn't paid her debt. I was getting yelled at for letting them get by with out paying rent this month so they could get caught up. She next decided to freak out about Seth just playing games rather than unpacking, cleaning up after himself, or even filling out for jobs.  After a lengthy conversation on how she should calm down and relax. I told her I would talk to them each about it.

Even though I was trying to get her to keep the volume down, Seth overheard the conversation and seemed genuinely upset.  He apologized and stated he did have an assessment at a temp agency today, and asked if we would take him.  Well, it looks like Seth might indeed have a job sometime soon.  They are going to try to get him a clerical job at Hills (pet nutrition), Slumber land, or some other sales job.  Yay!!!!

I just hope it goes well for Seth.  I'm working on convincing him to get a haircut for when he gets an interview.  Seth is the type of guy that has long wavy hair down to his lower back.  That's fine and good (until a week ago mine was about that long), but he has yet to learn the ways of conditioner, trimming dead ends, or even using product.  So imagine Dean Snider (from Twisted Sister) with more dead ends and "poof".  It's bad.  I've tried to give him a few tips on cleaning himself up, like: trimming body hair/shaving, haircut, seeing a dentist, bathing daily, brushing his teeth, using anti-antiperspirant deodorant, and getting rid of the mono brow.  He thinks he looks like Fabio, but the reality is he looks like William Murderface from Deathklok.  Which he admits he does when his hair is shorter, and it's not layered.

So far Jamie has been reclusive since the aftermath of the morning.  I haven't seen her all day at work, and nothing much is going on with me today.  This morning was also an adventure in other aspects.  Halfway through my shower the city decided they were working on the water lines, and my water goes out.  I'm just thankful that I had at least enough time to rinse off.  The water is back on as of 6:30pm.

So, upon arriving home with Jamie and Adya we find that Jamie has a package which she ordered from Amazon.  Jamie ordered a book and some games that she was trying to replace $800 worth of games (original purchase price) Seth had stolen by their previous room mate.  Seth saw them and tried to take them out of the box, but Jamie replied, "If I can get a hug and a kiss".   Seth replied with, "I might consider it later." Yeah, that makes Seth sound like an insensitive prick.  You'd be right even though they broke up two weeks ago.

He gave her an ultimatum that she has to do a list of things in a week, or he would be breaking up with her.  She did most of the things like: quit smoking, eat healthier, make jewelry for her shop, and even exercise.  However, she kept spending money on impulse buys, and was screaming at him the whole week.  So, he ended things.  She's sticking around trying to get him back, hence the purchase of the video games.  She's also been doing his laundry for him, and picking up after him.

Now, this might sound super nice, and above and beyond the call of duty (which it is) but, she's holding it over his head.  Both are too prideful to admit they each have been at fault for various things.  When Adya and I aren't home things are different.  They get along like they are together again, but when we get home Seth acts like he wants nothing to do with her.  He literally yells at her, and won't even talk to her when she's crying.  I feel like I'm playing referee calling foul ball, and trying to get him to treat her nicer.

Both apparently think I'm their "marriage counselor", so I get to hear both sides of the story.  The issue is that neither of them will listen to advice.  Yes, I realize people just need to vent sometimes, but when you openly ask someone for advice, it's given, and's rather frustrating.  Jamie refuses to move on, and Seth wants to act like he doesn't want her back.  It's driving me nuts!

One says one thing, and the other says something totally different.  I've even enlisted Adya to help, and she gets an askew version of things that doesn't fit with the rest of things.  It's hard to help someone, when they ask for it, but yet lie to themselves and to another.  I feel like I'm not meant to help, nor do they really want it.  Either way both of them need to stop backstabbing the other.  He's constantly talking bad about her behind her back, and she does the same.  The only difference is that Jamie has the decency to only hint at it slightly; than to boldly make a remark. 

For those of you from other countries that might read this...I promise that most Americans don't live like this.  This is madness. (lol)

The local Greek diner makes an amazing feta cheese dip, and after a few tries here's how it's made:

Hot Feta Dip:

1lb     Feta Cheese
1/2c   Ricotta Cheese
2tbsp Olive Oil (extra virgin)
2        Cloves Garlic or (2 tbsp garlic powder)
2tbsp  Paprika
2tsp    Oregano
1tbsp  Lemon Juice or 1 Lemon freshly squeezed

Place all in food processor and blend until smooth. Serve with pita chips, naan bread, or what ever else you choose. :)
This should serve 8 people.

* You may need more milk if the feta is dry.  You'll want a creamy consistency.  If it's too dry it'll break your dippers. 


Monday, August 29, 2011


Ok, clearly I'm new to the Blogging idea.  I figured i'd start this to share some recipes, and some of the insanity of my life.  Also, so some of my friends abroad could keep up with what's going on with things. 

Here's some back story as to the characters of this craziness.

The ex (Adya) was a fetish model in NYC. We met on one of my trips to NYC, and hit it off.  She was on shoot in an abandoned WWII munitions factory in NY, and when she got done she found out her father had tossed her stuff out.  He kicked her out due to the fact she wouldn't tell him where she was.  A few days later she flew out to Kansas to move in. 
After about 8 months of her being here, we realized that we honestly don't get along and are far too different for anything to work.  During that time though, she met a guy at work (Seth).  He's a bit socially inept, and fairly anti-social. She convinced him to come over and hang out. 

To be completely honest Seth is socially inept due to a life of being ostracized, and belittled by his family.  I hate to admit it, but upon hanging out with him I just feel bad for him.  He isn't the type of person i'd hang out with or would let move in with me. Yet, I did. 

Seth's girl friend Jamie is a whole other story.  I seriously think of a spoiled brat when she's talking.  She's got this online business that she goes on and on about being successful, but yet hasn't done anything with it.  She makes jewlery, and clothing.  My neice of 8 uses a sewing machine better than she does, and yes I'm being honest.  She and Seth are both egocentric, but deny it.  We all know the type of person that blames everyone else for their mistakes, and thinks that everyone is out to get them. That sums both of them up. 

Seth can be very compassionate though... When he's not being a pathological liar. (lol)

Okay, given the above.  Here's what's going on today.

Seth has been out of work for about 3 months.  He applied for a job at Best Buy, Game Stop, and Dillards.  So, three weeks ago I said screw it, and filled out 18 job apps for him. He was bombing the personality tests and only wanted one of those three jobs.  Come to find out from a friend at one of the jobs.  Seth has been fired from everywhere he's worked! Seth had been fired for theft(not his fault...honestly), cussing out a customer's child for playing with merchandise, attendance, and horrible customer service.
Hearing this I padded his resume and flubbed some details to make things sound better and omitted his first job.  So far, it's been bleak. 
I gave him a list of new job apps yesterday which he decided he was too good for.  He states he is too good to work customer service again and $10/hour isn't enough.  The most he's made previously was only $8.50/hour.  He claims he's too busy to fill out any other applications. 
I like games as much as the next person, but come on...Ragnarok, Hell gate, S4Leauge, and flash games are less important than paying the bills and working. 

Jamie works in the same area I do, so she came with me to work.  The issue is, she didn't start work til 3:00pm, and I arrived at 9:30am.  She deemed it was ok to set up her laptop in the waiting room and hang out til her shift started.  I'm sorry, but that's a bit rude considering there's a mall with free Internet and power she can use.  I was trying to schedule and talk with patients while she's trying to carry on a conversation with me over the patient.  After lunch I mentioned I can't have friends hang out while I'm working.  She finally left after that to go harass some of the shop workers in the mall.

While Jamie was here at work I found out that Seth didn't even apply for the Dillards, Game Stop, or Best Buy jobs.  She applied for him!  I resend Seth the link's to the jobs and he just ignores me.

There's a point where you can't be nice anymore. They were getting evicted from their apartment.  Not to mention that their room mate was stealing from them,  and anyone else who came over.  So I let them move in a month ago to try to help. It seems they are free loading. 
Jamie has a problem with compulsive buying.  If we are anywhere with pastries, craft supplies, baking supplies, spices, fabric, or makeup she has to buy something.  The stipulations of both of them moving in were that they have to get their debt caught up, and cover 1/4 of the utilities. Jamie works a min wage job so I'm trying to be fair.  So far she has spent >$900 on the a fore mentioned items, and fast food.  She took out more pay day loans, and still hasn't paid her share of the bills. 

I put my foot down a few days ago when I gave her the monthly total for the August bills, and she threw a fit.  She ended up having a crying fit over the fact she didn't know how she was going to pay for it.  I honestly can't comprehend how someone can spend that, have the receipts, and have no clue how they don't have money.

Oh, don't laugh. I walked in on Jamie the other night.  She was on myfreecams in the living room behind the couch! We had a discuss about that promptly after, but it's the principal of it. It's things like that, which wear a welcome out really fast.

So, I got home tonight after work, and Seth asked me to make him dinner.  Maybe it's just me, but to be home all day and ask the person coming home to cook for you seems absurd. 

Anyway, I'll be back later in the week to post some recipes.